GSO ISO 13253 Ducted air-conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps- Testing and rating for performance

Last updated: 27 July 2020

This International Standard establishes performance testing and rating criteria for factory-made residential, commercial and industrial, electrically driven, mechanical-compression, ducted air-conditioners using air- and water-cooled condensers and ducted air-to-air heat Pumps. The requirements of testing and rating contained in this International Standard are

based on the use of matched assemblies.


This International Standard is limited to Systems which use a Single refrigeration circuit and have one evaporator and one condenser.


This International Standard does not apply to the testing and rating of

a) individual assemblies for separate use,

b) equipment using the absorption refrigeration cycle,

c) non-ducted air-conditioners or non-ducted heat Pumps, or

d) water-Source heat Pumps.

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