Access to reserved traffic lanes for EVs

Last updated: 14 October 2019

In Sevilla traffic lanes reserved for busses and taxis can be used only by BEV's drivers. This does not apply to hybrid vehicles.


In Madrid, given the new regulations on sustainable mobility, the High-occupancy vehicle traffic lane located on the A-6 and connecting Madrid with the northwestern area of the region can now be used by a series of audiences. Its use is reserved for motorcycles, cars, mixed vehicles and buses. Cars with more than one occupant on board and independently of the type of tag, motorcycles, buses can circulate on the High-occupancy vehicle lane. Cars with the "zero environmental badge" can circulate with a single occupant. These are 100% electric and plug-in hybrids with an electrical autonomy greater than 40 kilometers. Moreover, on the A-6, taxis and car-sharing cars can also travel on the High-occupancy vehicle lane with a single occupant. Although most of the companies that operate in Madrid and its periphery have fleets of electric cars, there are also car-sharing with other environmental catalogs.

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