Renewable energy auctions (2017)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 19 July 2018

On 31st of March 2017, the government announced a call for a renewable energy auction to be held in 2017 in order to procure 3000 MW renewable generation capacity. The call was announced and regulated by Royal Decree 359/2017, and regulated by Order ETU/315/2017.

The auction was aimed to all kind of technologies, and defined three different type of baseline installations, (one for wind technology, another for Photovoltaic technology and another one for the rest of technologies), in order to set up the specific remuneration. All opened capacity was awarded on May 2017. The applications submitted to this auction showed that there was still a great amount of wind and photovoltaic capacity that was capable of being installed. Therefore, it was considered that a new auction could be held in a short time. On June 2017, Royal Decree 650/2017 of 16th June, established a new quota for new renewable installed capacity, this time only aimed to wind and photovoltaic technologies, as applications in the previous auction from other kind of technologies were insignificant.

Order ETU/615/2017 of 27th June ruled the procedure for allocating the specific remuneration in the next auction, which was announced by resolution of 30th June, which stated the baseline installation for wind and photovoltaic technologies. The auction was held in July, and resolution of 27th July allocated 5036.9 MW (1127.8 MW to wind technology, and 3909.1 to photovoltaic installations) to be capable of receiving the specific remuneration following the remuneration scheme set up in 2014.

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