Capital Grants for Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies for Community Cooking, Process Heat and Space Heating & Cooling Applications - Extension

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 12 May 2021
On 26th February 2018 the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of India (MNRE) issued Order extending capital grants support for Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) until 2020. The subsidy is available for a variety of concentrating solar thermal applications, such as community cooking, solar process heat and solar cooling. In the financial year 2018 to 2019, the subsidy amount is set at 30 % of the benchmark or actual investment cost, whichever is lower. In the last year of the programme, it will be reduced to 20 %. In the special category states, project developers will receive between 60% and 40 % of the capital costs.Programme budget is set for INR 70 million from the MNRE. Applications must be submitted via the country’s State Nodal Agencies. Ficial yearCST m2 targets2017–201820,0002018–201930,0002019–202040,000Total90,000Benchmark cost for each collector type Collector typeBenchmark cost (INR/m²)Benchmark cost (EUR/m²)Concentrator with manual tracking (mostly, community cooking)7,00087Compound parabolic for direct heating and drying, Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPC)12,000150Single-axis tracking including Scheffler dishes15,000187Single-axis tracking, solar grade mirror reflectors, evacuated tube collectors18,000225Double-axis tracking20,000250

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