High efficiency buildings: SIA Building Code and Minergie Label Family

Last updated: 3 June 2020
Since 1998, the Swiss Federal Office for Energy has worked in partnership with cantons to promote SIA building code (Norm SIA 380/1) and the Minergie label family. The standard, SIA 380, has been updated several times, most recently in 2016. The elaboration of the actual standard has been worked out in close cooperation with the Model Energy Prescription of the Cantons. Minergie is a voluntary energy-efficient construction standard for both new and renovated buildings (labels Minergie, Minergie-A, Minergie-P; Additional products Minergie-Eco, Minergie Quality System MQS Constrcution, MQS Opeartion). Buildings which meet the Minergie standards can then display the Minergie label. The SIA building code sets an overall limit on energy use for heating, hot water, ventilation and air-conditioning of 16 kWh /m2 for new and 24 KWh/m2 for renovated buildings. The Minergie Label is granted for buildings 20% below the acutal standard. Minergie also has standards for non-residential buildings (commercial, industrial, hospitals, sporting facilities etc.). In 2003, the Minergie-P standard and label was launched, corresponding to passive house standards; the typical Minergie-P residential building consumes 10% of the energy as compared to a regular house meeting current building requirements. Minergie-P standards also apply to non-residential buildings. While based on the same Minergie standard, it takes fuller advantage of passive heating and cooling, has more stringent requirements on thermal efficiency, windows and appliances, and uses renewable energy sources. In 2011 the Minergie-A standard and label was launched with an update in 2017, corresponding to buildings with a positive energy balance. Minergie Modules are building components that meet Minergie efficiency standards; using these components in construction would meet Minergie standards for the building envelope. Minergie Modules include walls and roofs, windows, doors and luminaries. Most cantons offer financial incentives for new and/or renovated, Minergie and/or Minergie-P buildings in line with the building refurbishment program of the cantons.

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