Guiding Opinions on Energy-related Work in 2017

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The "Notice" announces the essentials of work in the energy sector of 2017.The main targets are as follow: 1. Energy consumption: The total energy consumption national wide should reach to 4.4 billion tons of standard coal; the share of non-fossil energy should rise to 14.3%; natural gas consumption should increase to 6.8%, and the coal consumption should decrease to 60%.2. Energy supply: The total national energy production target is about 3.67 billion tons of standard coal, including around 3.65 billion tons of coal production, about 200 million tons of crude oil production and 170 billion cubic meters of natural gas production (including about 10 billion cubic meters of shale gas production).3. Energy efficiency: energy consumption per unit GDP should fall by more than 5.0% compared to 2016, while average coal consumption of coal-fired power plants should be at 314 grams of standard coal / kWh, which is a 1-gram decrease compared to 2016. Meanwhile, 60 million kilowatts of energy-saving retrofit of coal-fired power units shall be completed.4. Energy structure adjustment: 10 GW of hydropower installed capacity should be added, another 30GW of hydropower projects should commence their construction; increase 6.41 GW of installed capacity of nuclear power and plan to initiate construction of eight units; wind power installed capacity should be added by 20 GW and plan to start to construct another 25 GW; adds 18 GW installed capacity of solar power projects and plan to commence construction of another 20 GW.

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