Grenelle 1

Last updated: 12 September 2019

Grenelle 1 is the planning law relating to the implementation of the Grenelle Environment Forum. Through 57 items, this law offers measures affecting the energy and construction, transport, biodiversity and natural environments, governance and finally risk to the environment and health.

The main goals are as follows:

Buildings and Energy: Establishment of all guidelines for energy efficiency, renewable energy development and the fight against climate change. This includes a reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions by a factor of four by 2050, and enforcement of the 50 kWhEP/m2/an standard for building primary energy intensity.

Transport: modal shift to road freight while in transit as well as accelerated programs of urban public transport and high speed lines.

Biodiversity, Agriculture, Forestry and Sea: Confirmation of all arrangements and deadlines from the Grenelle Environment Forum, particularly the  "green and blue, the efficient and productive agriculture, forestry and boosting the integrated management of sea and coast.

Health: establishment of a health record of employee exposures to dangerous substances.

Waste: strengthening control of eco-organizations by the State, establishment of targets for recycling and prevention of waste at the source of Grenelle, enhanced collaboration in each department overseas, among all eco-approved organizations, and, if necessary, a single interface all the representative.

Governance, Information and Training: creation of an environmental portal that allows any user to access to environmental information held by public authorities, and in some cases to participate in environmental policy development; a report in one year on creating a body to ensure transparency, methodology, ethics, and expertise, in decision making, which may constitute an "appeal body" concerning environmental policy practices; and finally consumer information on the overall characteristics of   products and packaging to ensure customers have access to complete and objective information.

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