Regulations for oil-fired installations (Règlement grand-ducal du 7 octobre 2014 relatif aux installations de combustion)

Last updated: 18 November 2019

Regulation concerns:

- solid and liquid fuels combustion installation from 7 kW to 20 MW

- gaseous fuel combustion intallation from 3MW to 20MW


The regulation specifies that installations from 7kW to 1MW using solid fuel must have a minimum combustiong efficiency of 85% (are excluded space heating installation not connected to the heating network).

New installations using solid fuels from 1MW to 20MW must have a minimum combusting efficiency of 90%.


For liquid fuel combustion installation minimum combustiong efficiency levels are:

- 90% for installation from 7 to 50 kW

- 91% for installations from 50kW to 20MW


For gaseous fuel combustion installations from 3 to 20 MW:

- 91% of minimum combusting efficiency


Inspection must take place every two years, and can be extended to every 4 years in case of electronique surveillance devices in place. Evaluation will also consider the possilbe over sizing of the installation compared to needs of the building.

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