Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan 2015-2029 (Plan de Expansión de Referencia Generación Transmisión 2015 - 2029)

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 12 May 2021
The 15-year Generation and Transmission Expansion Plans are updated yearly, the latest being the Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan 2015-2029, adopted by MME Resolution 40095.In this plan, the government considers possible scenarios for the country's energy generation matrix. Based on natural resource endowment, project registration and connection requests, finding that between 4,208 and 6,675 megawatts of expansion are required over the next decade. Scenario 12 contemplates an optimum mix of all primary energy sources, both conventional and non-conventional, and is mainly based on around 1 GW coal-based thermal generation; 1.2 GW wind generation in the north of La Guajira; around 1.5 GW hydroelectric generation; approximately 0.5 GW for solar projects, geothermal, biomass and around 700 megawatts of minor generation.

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