Energy Plan 2050 (Plan Energético Nacional Colombia: Ideario Energético 2050)

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 12 May 2021
The National Energy Plan aims to install other sources of energy to achieve a diversification of the basket and ensure a reliable energy supply. The inclusion of wind power plants, photovoltaic solar generation, geothermal energy and generation from the biomass in the country's electric mix is ??sought.The UPME (Unit of Energy Mining Planning - Unidad de Planeación Minero Energética) identified the possible medium and long-term expansion alternatives that would allow the basket to diversify and have evaluated its impact on the system in the Expansion Reference-Generation and Transmission Plan 2014-2028. Several scenarios were presented. One of the scenarios considers the participation of more than 10% in non-conventional renewable energy in installed capacity by 2028, with a generation that ranges from 2.5% to 7.5% of total production in the period of analysis.In the most feasible scenario, unconventional sources of energy may account for 6% of the electric energy basket, which would correspond to an installed capacity of 1,207 MW in 2028. In addition to the 474 MW of wind power in the pessimistic scenario, it is considered possible to install 143 MW of solar energy, 275 geothermal and 314 MW of biomass cogeneration.

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