China 13th Solar Energy Development Five Year Plan (2016-2020)

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 17 May 2021

The 13th Solar Energy Development Five Year Plan (2016-2020) was adopted by National Energy Administration on 8th of December 2016 establishing targets for solar energy deployment until 2020. Targets are as follow:

Solar energy technology

Target by 2020

Targeted costs reductions

Solar PV

At least 105 GW

By 50% by 2020 in comparison to 2015 costs.


5 GW

Reduction of feed-in tariffs (FITs) for SCP to RMB 0.8yuan/kWh.

Solar thermal

800 million square meters of installations


The Plan puts an emphasis on further deployment of distributed PV by its increased usage in agriculture, building and fishery sectors.  

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