China 13th Electricity Development Five Year Plan (2016-2020)

Last updated: 17 May 2021

On 7th of November 2016 the National Energy Administration (NEA) released China’s 13th Electricity Development Five Year Plan for 2016-2020. The Electricity Development FYP outlines the main development direction for China’s electricity sector and includes technology-specific targets, goals for grid expansion, as well as projections for electricity demand growth.

China renewable energy targets evolutions under the 12th FYP and final 13th FYP targets:


12th FYP 2011-15, targets by 2015

13th FYP 2016-20, targets by 2020


290 GW

380  GW (including 40 GW of PSP)

Onshore wind

100 GW

205 GW

Offshore wind

5 GW

5 GW

Solar PV

34 GW

110 GW (including more than 60 GW of distributed solar energy systems)


1 GW

5 GW


13 GW

15 GW


0.1 GW

530 MW

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, hydropower targets include both conventional and PSP capacity.

Non-fossil fuel cumulative electricity capacity to reach around 770 GW by 2020. 

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