Gujarat Solar Power Policy

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 12 May 2021
Gujarat’s Solar Policy 2015 aims to scale up solar power generation in a sustainable manner, using the State’s solar power policy enacted in 2009 as a framework for future work.Eligible solar projects include rooftop solar PV systems with net metering on government, residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Discoms, in order to meet their RPO, may purchase solar power, both PV and solar thermal, from developers at a purchase rate determined through competitive bidding.The Government of Gujarat also offers a subsidy for the large-scale installation of grid connected residential rooftop solar plants, details of which can be found here.INR 10 000/kW is available after successful installation and commissioning of a rooftop solar system by private residential consumers with a maximum limit of INR 20 000/consumer, limited to 2 kW rooftop solar systems only.

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