BDS 1853:2012 Performance of close control air conditioners — minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) requirements

Last updated: 24 July 2020

This Standard specifies the minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) requirements for close control air conditioners that fall in the scope of ASINZS 4965.1.This Standard does not specify electrical safety requirements. This Standard specifies the following values for cooling, as applicable.


The scope of this regulation does not cover the following types of room airconditioners

a) Ducted packaged units

b) Ducted and ductless packaged units

c) Multi-split units

d) Unbalanced air-conditioners and spot coolers

e) Chilled water based centralised systems

f) Evaporative coolers

g) Any other air-conditioners not based on vapor compression system

h) Heat pumps


The testing code and procedure shall be as per AS/NZS 4965.1:2008 or ISO 5151:2017 (EN).


Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS)refers to the minimum acceptable energy performance values of RAC specified under test conditions in the standard expressed as EER for the individual RAC model. The MEPS values shall be periodically reviewed  every two years and revised in consultation with the technical committee.


The EER values for the year 2018-2020 shall be:

a) 2.5 for unitary models

b) 2.7 for split models

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