Notice on increase of solar PV installations in 2015

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 17 May 2021

NEA issued a Notice setting the amount of new solar PV capacity to be added in 2015 at level of 17.8 GW. The Notice was issued in order to stabilise the market and the target is split for 28 provinces. Provincial construction plan of photovoltaic power stations in 2015 must not exceed the scale se by NEA. Projects within the qualified scale enjoy national renewable energy fund subsidies (FIT).

For roof distributed PV projects and ground mounted self-consumed distributed PV installations, NEA do not restrict the construction scale.

NEA encourages provinces to proritise construction PV projects below 35 kv voltage (66 kv for northeast China). A single project capacity should not exceed 20 MW, and the electricity generated by the PV station should be consumed within the main substation area.

The construction scale of centralized photovoltaic power station project should match the capability of local grid transit. In principle, the scale of a single centralized PV power station should be not less than 30 MW, which can be planned and constructed separately.

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