Constitutional Reform 2013

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 9 February 2017

The Constitutional Reform of 2013 impact Mexico’s energy system including the oil, gas and electricity sectors. The reform ended the state monopoly on generation and commercialization of electricity, as well as on fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

The most important provisions of the reform are:

  • Introduction of the competition in the energy industry;
  • Creation of the Mexican Petroleum Fund;
  • Consolidation of the proprietary rights of the nation over the hydrocarbons;
  • Priority of the nation-owned PEMEX oil company to the most productive oil fields.

The Constitutional Reform gives a legislative basis for the adoption of secondary legislation introducing reforms in the energy sector. This resulted in adoption of “21 Secondary Laws”, of which many have a direct implications for the renewables e.g. Electricity Law, Geothermal Law and Petroleum Law.


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