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Promoting the use of biofuels in the transport sector - biofuel quota

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 27 November 2019

The annual minimum share of biofuels, measured from the total energy content of petrol, diesel and biofuels delivered for consumption shall be 6% in 2011-2014 and then gradually raised to 20% in 2020 (§ 5 Act No. 446/2007). This includes so-called double-counted biofuels so that there is 7,5 % of them in 2020. Biofuels are also promoted through tax subsidies.


2011-2014 : 6%

2015 : 8%

2016 : 10%

2017 : 12%

2018 : 15%

2019 : 18%

2020 and after : 20%


If the retailer fails to fulfil the quota, a fine will follow. The penalty payment will be calculated based on the amount by which the retailer has failed to fulfil the quota, where each mega joule (MJ) is charged € 0.04  (§ 11 Act No. 446/2007).


The law on the promotion of biofuel use in transport (446/2007) and the law on biofuels and bioliquids (393/2013) have been amended in July 2017. With these amendments Finland has implemented the directive ((EU) 2015/1513) to reduce indirect land use change (ILUC) for biofuels and bioliquids.

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