Strategic Energy Plan (2014)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 3 February 2016

In April 2014, the Cabinet of Japanese government formulated the “Strategic Energy Plan.” This plan is the basis for the orientation of Japan’s new energy policy, considering the dramatic changes in energy environments inside and outside Japan, including those caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent accidents at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Key points of this plan are:

1. Issues related to the energy supply-demand structure in Japan
The Strategic Energy Plan reviews the energy policy issues of Japan and effects remaining of Fukushima Nuclear Accident.

2. Basic policy regarding measures concerning energy supply and demand
Confirming the basic view point of the energy policy (Energy Security, Economic Efficiency, Environment and Safety), this plan aims to build a multilayered and diversified flexible energy supply-demand structure. And it defines the position of each energy source in the primary structure and its policy direction.

3. Long-term measures regarding energy supply and demand
(1) Promotion of comprehensive policy toward securing stable supply of resources
(2) Realization of an advanced energy-saving society and smart and flexible consumer activities
(3) Accelerating the introduction of renewable energy: Toward achieving grid parity over the mid- to long-term
(4) Re-establishment of the nuclear energy policy including restoration of Fukushima
(5) Efficient and stable use of fossil fuels
(6) Promotion of reforms in the supply structure to remove market barriers
(7) Enhancing resilience of the domestic energy supply networks
(8) Future of the secondary energy structure such as hydrogen that contributes to stable supply and global warming countermeasures
(9) Creating comprehensive energy companies through market integration and executing a growth strategy centering on energy
(10) Comprehensive international energy cooperation

4. Promotion of strategic technology development
This plan formulates a roadmap for intensive R&D of energy-related technologies that are needed to implement measures related to energy supply and demand in a comprehensive and systematic manner in the long-term.

5. Communications with all levels of the society and deepning of energy-related understanding
It is necessary to promote public understanding for long-term, comprehensive and systematic implementation of energy policy.

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