Sustainable Energy Incubator Programme

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The Sustainable Energy Incubator Programme, run by Sustainable Energy Irealand (SEI), aims to provide early stage support for companies developing new clean energy technologies, so as to foster business development and bridge financial gaps faced by new sustainable energy ventures. SEI is considering funding up to ten high potential new and existing ventures through their incubation process over 2008. The programme is open to business ventures based in 21 existing Irish Incubation Units. Priority areas identified for 2008 are: Bioenergy; Ocean energy; Wind energy; Microgeneration; Energy efficiency and demand reduction; Fuel cells and hydrogen. The programme provides grants primarily for payment of annual incubation fees, with the possibility of grant provision for supplementary business support (management development and business networking). The programme provides up to two years grant support for annual incubation fees amounting to 100% in year one (up to a maximum of EUR 10,000) and declining to 50% in year two (up to a maximum of EUR 5,000). For business support, funding support is available up to a maximum qualifying expenditure that amounts to 70% of eligible cost. For management development this goes up to a maximum of EUR 8,000 in year 1 and EUR 4,000 in year 2. For business networking activities, this can be a maximum of EUR 2,000 in year 1 and EUR 1,000 in year 2. Total grant funding for both incubation and business support cannot exceed EUR 22000 per year.

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