Feed-in tariff for solar PV installations

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 17 December 2014

On 23rd of April 2014 Algeria adopted feed-in tariff scheme for the solar PV installations. The goal of the programme is to support Algeria in achieving its renewable energy capacity targets.

The tariff is differentiated for the size of the plant and the payments are divided in two phases. The tariff level for the Phase one is set flat. The payments in the Phase II are determined by the number of equivalent hours of annual operation.

Only plants with a capacity equivalent or larger than 1 MW can benefit from the FIT programme.

The feed-in tariff levels are as follow:


hours of annual operation

Feed-in tariff levels in DZD/kWh per plant size

1 MW – 5 MW

> 5 MW

Phase I


15.94/kWh ($202/MWh)

12.75/kWh ($ 162/MWh)

Phase II


20.08/kWh ($255/MWh)

16.06/kWh ($204/MWh)


18.83/kWh ($239/MWh)

15.06/kWh ($191/MWh)


17.45/kWh ($222/MWh)

13.96/kWh ($177/MWh)


15.94/kWh ($202/MWh)

12.75/kWh ($162/MWh)


14.43/kWh ($183/MWh)

11.54/kWh ($147/MWh)


13.06/kWh ($166/MWh)

10.44/kWh ($133/MWh)


11.80/kWh ($150/MWh)

9.44/kWh ($120/MWh)


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