Building energy requirements according to the 20/2014 (III.7.) Ministry of Interior (BM) Regulation

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Stricter standard regulations must be used for any significant refurbishment with EU or national support, and for new building construction or major renovations.
The U-values are stricter for example for facade walls: the old value is 0.45 W/m2 K, the new value is 0.24 W/m2 K; for windows with glass: the old value is 1.6 W/m2 K, the new value is 1.15 W/m2 K, for flat roofs the old value is 0.25 W/m2 K , the new value is 0.17 W/m2 K, and so on. (22 U-values are defined).
The cumulative primary energy performance is also stricter. The primary energy conversion factor for district heated buildings also changes, so the CHP origin of the district heating could be evaluated also by labelling of buildings, if the CHP ratio is more then 50%.