Business Growth Agenda

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 14 September 2020
Approved by Cabinet in late 2012, the Government& Business Growth Agenda (BGA) is a programme of work that is intended to support New Zealand businesses in growing, in order to create jobs and improve New Zealanders&; standard of living. It focuses on six key “ingredients&; businesses need to grow:
    export markets; innovation; infrastructure; skilled and safe workplaces; natural resources; and capital. Each of these has its own programme of work. More recently, the Business Growth Agenda has been informed by the Government’s response to a report by the Green Growth Advisory Group. The Green Growth Advisory Group was established by the Government in January 2011 and was tasked with exploring how New Zealand can build a more productive and competitive economy, while also achieving high-quality environmental outcomes. The central conclusion of the report was that New Zealand needs a broad growth strategy where all sectors take into account their environmental performance rather than focusing on a select group of ‘green’ industries. Government agreed and in response recommendations contained in the report have been integrated into this wider Business Growth Agenda. The Business Growth Agenda Progress Report 2013 shows the significant progress the Government has made across each of the six areas that are critical to business success and growth: Export Markets, Capital Markets, Innovation, Skilled and Safe Workplaces, Natural Resources and Infrastructure. In early 2014 the BGA developed a specific initiative - under 'natural resources' - to transition to a lower-emission economy using measures that both improve economic productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The BGA is looking to do this by introducing policies that overcome barriers to the grater uptake of, amongst other things, renewable fuels. In the second half of 2016 ‘Towards 2025’ was published. It reports on the progress made in delivering on nearly 500 specific actions across the BGA and particularly the priority actions that were set out in 2014. It also sets out the future direction of the BGA, which in 2016 will focus on investing for growth. The BGA is prioritising key areas that are seen as particularly critical to further build business confidence and to provide platform for sustained growth into the future. See

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