Feed-in Tariff (Small Scale Distributed Generation; SSDG 2010)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 10 January 2018

Small Scale Distributed Generation (SSDG), feed-in-tariff scheme, was launched in 2010 in Mauritius with the aim to support deployment of small scale renewable energy installations adding 2MW of new electricity generation. 

The SSDG 2010 was open for new application until new generation capacity supported by the scheme reached 2MW. The scheme was later extended to 3MW in 2011.  Applications into the scheme closed in 2012.

Owners of the small scale solar PV, wind and hydropower installations are eligible to export surplus of generated electricity back to the grid in exchange for FIT payment.  If the annual production to own consumption ratio is greater than three, the tariff for the following year will automatically be reduced to the Greenfield tariff which is 15 %  lower than the regular feed-in-tariff rate.

FITs are granted for period of 15 years for small scale solar PV, wind and hydropower installations.


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