Soft Loan for Energy Saving Facilities & Tax Incentives

Last updated: 8 November 2019

This program offers long-term and low-interest rate loans to cover part of the investments in energy saving facilities in order to conserve energy and reduce GHG emission.


- Eligibility: Entities who want to install energy saving facilities such as waste heat power generation facilities, replacement facilities of obsolete boilers and high-efficiency LED lights are eligible for this program.


- Scope: All of the construction costs including facilities (secondhand facilities are not applicable) and material costs, labor expenses, overhead expenses and general administrative expenses are covered by this program.


- Terms: Quarterly adjustable interest rate linked to average rate of return of 3 year negotiable Korean treasury bond. Payable in installments in 5 years with a three-year grace period (Payable in installments in 7 years with a three-year grace period for ESCO), Maximum 15 billion won per entity (Maximum 30 billion won for ESCO)

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