Directions of development for agricultural biogas plant in Poland in 2010-2020

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 14 September 2020
The main aim of the document is to create conditions for the development of installations manufacturing agricultural biogas (the report indicates legal changes, which should be made in Polish legal system, in order to optimize the construction process of biogas installations), it indicates the possibility for co-funding of these type of installations from public funds, both national and European Union, as well as the performance of appropriate educational and promotional activities in the scope of constructing and using of agricultural biogas plants. The plan foresees the construction of one biogas plant with a capacity of about 1 MW on average in each municipality that has the conditions for this. In practice, this even means approx. In practice, this means even about 2,000 such installations with a total capacity of 200) MW. Since the adoption of the programme in 2010, only 20 agricultural biogas plants have been launched.