Government Vehicle Procurement Directives

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 2 April 2012
Since 2005, state authorities have been given directives on procurement of environmentally friendly cars. In 2005 half of all cars purchased had to be classified as environmentally friendly; this proportion increased to 75% in 2006 and to 85% in 2007. Since February 2009, having 100% of all procured cars be environmentally friendly has been suggested.Environmentally friendly cars include those powered by electricity, biogas or ethanol (E85). Since 2006, gasoline and diesel cars with less than 120gCO2/km of emissions are also classified as environmentally friendly.As of February 2009, procurement requirements for light trucks have been suggested, limiting procurement to those emitting less than 230gCO2/km. Since February 2009, at least 50% of emergency vehicles must also be classified as environmentally friendly, up from 25% in 2008.State authorities must report on vehicles purchased and leased during the calendar year preceding 1 March to the National Road Administration, including on how many cars are defined as environmentally friendly according to statute. The National Road Administration then provides a summary of the authorities accounts to the government by 1 April at the latest.The definition of environmentally friendly cars can be found in the Act concerning environmental and traffic safety requirements for government vehicles and trips (SFS2009:1).

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