National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 16.09

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 9 December 2013

In the context of reforming and enhancing the Moroccan energy sector, the government passed a law in January 2010 establishing the National Agency for the development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. This agency will replace the current Centre for the Development of Renewable Energy created in 1982.

The new public body will contribute to the implementation of government policy in the energy sector and provide deployment roadmaps. The agency will be responsible for preparing national plans for each renewable energy sector and act as a central figure in promoting international co-operation to support major deployment policies, such as the national wind programme.

The agency will also encourage and support national research and development related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Eventually, the agency will identify new Deployment Target Areas, assess national developments in energy efficiency and propose norms and standards for the renewable energy manufacturing industry.

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