Biofuel Supply, Utilization and Trading (Ministerial Regulation No. 32/2008)

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 19 May 2021
Ministerial Regulation No. 32/2008 settles a mandatory utilization framework in the transportation, industrial, commercial, and power generation sectors for biodiesel, bioethanol and bio-oil from 2009 to 2025.The framework aims to:Prioritize the supply and utilization of biofuel by national companies and Energy-Self Sufficient villages through mandatory actionsRegulate the type, standard and quality of biofuel as a fossil fuel substituteRegulate the biofuel business and trade activitiesSet targets for biofuel share until 2025 Mandatory biofuel use has been implemented since 2009 and scheduled up to 2025 in accordance with the 2006 Biofuel Road Map targets. The regulation also increased the number of Special Biofuel Zones (SBZ) and therefore of biofuel exploitation capabilities.Biofuel typeTransportation sectorYearly minimal obligation levels20092010201520202025BiodieselPublic1%2.5%5%10%20%BiodieselNon-public1%3%7%10%20%BioethanolPublic1%3%5%10%15%BioethanolNon-public5%7%10%12%15% In order to download full text of the Ministerial Regulation No. 32/2008 please, .

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