Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff: Biomass

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 27 September 2016

As of 27th of January 2011, new feed-in tariffs for electricity produced from biomass is in place. FIT support is open for vegetable and animal agricultural waste, algae and some industrial biomass waste (pulp and paper, wood industries) projects. The programme does not cover biogas, household or municipal waste technologies.

Eligible projects are entitled for the fixed tariff support of EUR cents 4.34/kWh. FIT is offered for period of 20 years, equivalent to a 3.6% decrease from 2009 rates of EUR cents 4.5/kWh. In addition, a variable rate of EUR cents 8-13/kWh is added according to the level of power generation, energy efficiency, and the renewable energy source used by the plant.

In 2010, France tendered 250 MW of biomass installed capacity, distributed between 32 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and another 200 MW for plants no smaller than 12 MW was closed in February 2011. France targets a total installed capacity of 2,300 MW by 2020.


As of May 30th 2016, biomass power plant will only be developed under a tender scheme and the aid will be granted in the form of a feed-in-premium (or contract for difference), instead of a feed-in-tariff.

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