Ökostromverordnung (feed-in tariffs) 2010 - ÖSVO 2010

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 15 May 2013

New feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity were determined in February 2010 by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour, for new contracts for electricity produced from wind, biomass, biogas, landfill and sewage gas, geothermal and solar in EUR cents/kWh. Contracts for wind energy, solar PV, landfill and sewage gas and geothermal energy last 13 years, while the rest (biomass and other biogas) last 15 years.

Primary tariffs (in EUR cents/kWh) are indicated below:

  • Wind energy: 9.70
  • Landfill gas: 6.00
  • Sewage gas: 5.00
  • Geothermal: 7.50
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Up to 5kWp: receives an investment subsidy; 5-20kWp: 35.00; over 20kWp: 25.00. Building integrated: up to 5kWp: receives an investment subsidy; 5-20kWp: 38.00; over 20kWp: 33.00.
  • Solid biomass Up to 500kW: 14.98; 500kW-1MW: 13.54; 1-1.5MW: 13.10; 1.5-2MW: 12.97; 2-5MW: 14.93; 5-10MW: 12.06; over 10MW: 10.00.
  • For waste containing high solid biomass content, the tariff is reduced by 25% or 40% depending on the type of biomass.
  • Co-combustion of solid biomass in thermal power plants: 6.12; this is reduced by 20% or 30% depending on the type of biomass.
  • Liquid biomass: 5.80; supplement of 2.00 when used in efficient cogeneration.
  • Biogas (from agricultural products and waste) Under 250kW: 18.50; 250-500kW: 16.50; over 500kW: 13.00. Tariffs are reduced 20% for biogas from the co-fermentation of waste materials.
  • A supplement of 2.00 is received when used in efficient cogeneration, or for treatment of natural gas quality.

In addition, special tariffs are provided for producers of electricity out of all forms of biomass (solid, liquid, gaseous) who received tariffs under a previous regime for 10 to 13 or 15 years. The special tariffs are provided once these periods end, up to the 20th year of operation. Tariffs range from 7.00 to 9.00 EUR cents/kWh, depending on the size and type of biomass.