Green Growth Agreement 2010-2012

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The Green Growth Agreement is an agreement between political parties establishing a long-term strategy for environmental policy in the agricultural industry. The objective of the strategy is to combine protection of the environment and nature with a modern and competitive agricultural production.Among the instruments are:reduction of GHG emissions from the agricultural sector,a better aquatic environment,creating new nature reserves while making better conditions for growth in the agriculture and food industry.The Green Growth strategy aims to reduce GHG emissions from agriculture by 800 000 tonnes annually. Approximately half of these reductions are expected to come from a market-based restructuring of nitrogen regulation.The Green Growth plan includes a green agriculture and food industry strategy. Included is the goal that 50% of livestock manure be used for green energy in 2020. Measures to facilitate the use of livestock manure include tax equalization between vegetable biomass and livestock manure, and modification of the Waste Incineration Directive.In addition, several initiatives targeting biogas productions are envisaged as part of the Green Growth strategy for agricultureDKK 85 million annually as a starter fund from 2010-12, to stimulate biogas plant production. Investments can be grant supported up to 20%, and supported up to 60% through a municipal guaranteed loan. Investments can cover plants as well as farm unit connection to plants.DKK 15 million annualy as a starter fund from 2010-12 for organic biogas production.Other measures will involve simplifying municipal planning for biogas plants, information dissemination, and revising necessary regulations to ensure parity for biogas sales and suppliers with cogeneration and natural gas.The Green Growth strategy will also stimulate the cultivation of perennial crops for energy production through tax deductions, change of regulations to allow cultivation within watercourse buffer zones, and grants.A grant scheme with DKK 32 million annually for 2010-12 will be used to cover up to 40% of farmers planting costs.Increased investment in green technologies also form part of the Green Growth strategy. This will see the creation of a DKK 145 million annually for a grant fund dedicated to green technology development. Targeted technologies include those that reduce, among others, GHG emissions from livestock and manure, as well as those reduce consumption, including of energy, in the horticultural sector.

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