PROSOL Tertiary: Incentives for commercial solar water heaters

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 12 November 2013

Following the success of the residential PROSOL programme, a special incentive programme targeting the tertiary sector was launched in June 2007.

The programme will first primarily target hotels, and will expand to include public bath houses, private clinics, sports centres, restaurants and private university residences.

The incentives offered by the programme cover:

  • Subsidy of up to 50% on assessment costs, up to a maximum of TND 5 000;
  • Subsidy of up to 20% of investment costs in the solar water heating system, up to TND 100/m2;
  • An additional subsidy of 10% limited to TND 50/m2 awarded by the Tunisian government;
  • A subsidy of 5% of investment costs for additional maintece costs up to four years after the warranty;
  • A bonus of 2 points provided on top of the interest rates received by commercial banks to loans awarded in the hotel sector.

Up to 2009, the programme is financed through a combination of funding from the Italian Ministry of Environment, UNEP, and the Tunisian government. Both residential and tertiary sector PROSOL projects will also apply for credits under the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); revenue from sale of CDM credits from both programmes will then be used to continue to fund the PROSOL tertiary programme.

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