Solar Flagships Program

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 14 September 2020
The Solar Flagships Program was established in December 2009 to support the construction and demonstration of large-scale, grid-connected solar power stations in Australia. The program supported solar power playing a significant role in Australia’s electricity supply and operating within a competitive electricity market. The Program was part of the Australian Governments Clean Energy Initiative (CEI). To accelerate the commercialisation of solar power in Australia, the Government has committed AUD 1.5 billion to support the construction and demonstration of up to four large-scale solar power plants in Australia, using solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) technologies. The Program was split into two funding rounds. Various eligibility criteria for project proposals have been outlined, including that they have a net solar electricity generation capacity of at least 150MW. The technology used in the project must have been demonstrated in operation at a scale of at least 30MW for 12 months, or be demonstrated for 12 months as a replicable module with plans for scaling-up supported by financial and construction firms. Solar thermal projects can use supplementary sources, as long as these are limited to 15% of total output.The merit of projects proposed were assessed for value for money against various criteria, inlcuding: expected output, commercial viability, technical and financial risk, inclusion of energy storage, industry participation, and the opportunities and potentials for regional development and building expertise. The program is closed.