National Building Energy Strategy 2015 - 2020

Last updated: 10 October 2019

The main topics of the Strategy:  

  • EU and international environment
  • National policy background
  • The energy situation of domestic buildings
  • Refurbishment versions
  • The strategic vision, priorities and goals
  • Toolkit
  • Financial and employment benefit of the implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Annexes


The 2015 - 2020 primary energy saving targets (PJ/a) by buildings in the Strategy:

  • Residential and public buildings refurbishment: 40 PJ/a
  • Enterprises buildings refurbishment: 4 PJ/a
  • Other energy savings in buildings 5 PJ/a TOTAL 49 PJ/a.


The strategy includes a detailed action plan for the government between the period 2015-17 in the following tasks:

  • Achieve energy savings in existing buildings
  • Standards for new buildings and building renovations
  • Research, development, dissemination, innovation, knowledge, training, information.


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