National Programme to Popularise the Jatropha Plant (PVEPP)

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The government of Mali outlined a five year plan to promote the use of Jatropha for energy production in 2004. Programme was prolonged for next couple of years and therefore is still in force.The programme has several aims, targeting women and rural communities, and encouraging local governments to integrate jatropha development and use in their strategic planning. Equipment powered with jatropha oil was installed across villages, with financial and in-kind resources provided to those wishing to pursue jatropha production, as well as transformation of facilities and vehicles to run on jatropha. This included facilitated access to credit for these kinds of projects. The programme also supported research and development of technologies that were useful and cost-effective in Malis rural context.The programme adapted various vehicles for jatropha use, and also supported research into two successful types of extraction presses for jatropha oil, available on national and regional markets. It also facilitated the development of jatropha and gas powered electricity plants for villages.

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