Green Energy (Roheline Energia)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 20 March 2013

The Green Energy (Roheline Energia) system was launched by state-owned Eesti Energia in 2001. Private individuals and legal entities participate in the system by purchasing a certain amount of energy that is guaranteed to be of renewable energy sources by Eesti Energia.

The purchaser is provided with a Green Energy Certificate, stipulating the amount of energy purchased. In addition, EEK 0.1/kWh is levied and donated to the Tallinn Centre of the Estonian Institute for Sustainable Development (SEIT), since June 2006. Prior to this, the levy was donated to the Estonian Fund for Nature.

There are four categories for Green Certificates, for different types of customers, and which certify the purchase of differenty amounts of electricity:

1) Large companies (defined as consuming over 600 000 kWh/year) are issued a certificate in the amount of 120 000 kWh of renewable energy a year. The certificate costs EEK 103 756.80, including a EEK 12 000 donation to SEIT.

2) The second tier applies to companies consuming over 300 000 kWh/year, and the certificate is in the amountof 60 000 kWh a year. The certificate costs EEK 51 878.40, including a EEK 6000 donation to SEIT.

3) The third tier applies to small companies, those consuming over 30 000 kWh/year, and the certificate is issued for 6 000 kWh of renewable energy a year. The certificate costs EEK 5 131.20, including a EEK 600 donation to SEIT.

4) Finally, residential customers puchase a certificate for the purchase of 1 200 kWh/year. The annual fee for the certificate is EEK 1 020, which includes a donation to the SEIT in the amount of EEK 120.

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