Renewable Heat Deployment Programme (ReHeat)

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 12 December 2012
The Renewable Heat (ReHeat) Deployment Programme provides assistance for the deployment of renewable heating systems in industrial, commercial, public and community premises in Ireland. The programme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI). The programme is open to plants, to industrial, commercial, services, public sector or community organisations intending to retrofit or install a new renewable energy heating system in buildings owned or operated by them, as well as to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). Grants are available for the following categories of renewable heating systems: -Boilers fuelled by wood chips and/or wood pellets; -Solar thermal pumps; -Heat pumps (ground source, air to water or ground water to water). All the above systems must carry the CE mark and are subject to efficiency requirements as well as the meeting of relevant standards. The programme provides grant support for feasibility studies and investments. For feasibility studies, the programme supports up to 40% of additional external costs incurred by the project applicant in carrying out the feasibility study on a discretionary basis. Grants are provided to a maximum of EUR 5000 per technology, the total amount of support limited to EUR 300 000 for all studies. Feasibility studies in cases of technical complexity or with innovative elements will be preferred for support. Capital investment grants are also provided, for up to 30% of eligible costs, limited by a maximum qualifying cost profiles per kWh, varying with capacity size, for each technology. Less than 20kW: EUR 1500/kW (biomass boilers); EUR 2200/kW (heat pumps) 20-50kW: EUR 650/kW (biomass boilers); EUR 1300/kW (heat pumps) 50-250kW: EUR 500/kW (biomass boilers); EUR 800/kW (heat pumps) 250-500kW: EUR 350/kW (biomass boilers); EUR 700/kW (heat pumps) 500kW-1MW: EUR 250/kW (biomass boilers); EUR 600/kW (heat pumps) Over 1MW: EUR 150/kW (biomass boilers); EUR 500/kW (heat pumps) For solar thermal, this maximum cost varies according to flat plate or vacuum tube system types. Less than 10m2: EUR 1200/m2 (flat plate); EUR 1600/m2 (vacuum tube) 10-50m2: EUR 1200/m2 (flat plate); EUR 1600/m2 (vacuum tube) 50-200m2: EUR 800/m2 (flat plate); EUR 1100/m2 (vacuum tube) 200-500m2: EUR 500/m2 (flat plate); EUR 600/m2 (vacuum tube) Over 500m2: EUR 350/m2 (flat plate); EUR 450/m2 (vacuum tube) It is envisaged that over the life of the programme the cost profile may be altered to reflect up to date market developments.

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