Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Deployment Programme

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 19 July 2012
The new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Deployment Programme, managed by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) provides grant support to assist the deployment of small-scale (less than 1MWe) fossil fired CHP and biomass (anaerobic digestion (AD) and wood residue) CHP systems. The programme is open to industrial, commercial, services or public sector organisations based in Ireland, as well as Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). The programme provides grant support for feasibility studies and investments. The Feasibility Study Grant Programme supports studies investigating the application of CHP across all technologies and size ranges greater than 50 kWe. Applications can be for single-site studies, as well as for packages of feasibility studies, from market segments with high potential that justify stimulation, from ESCOs or CHP suppliers interested in developing plants in that segment. A minimum block of 5 and maximum of 20 feasibility studies in one market segment will be considered. Up to 40% of eligible feasibility study costs can be covered by the grant scheme. The CHP Investment Grant Programme provides non-discretionary investment grants for small-scale fossil fired CHP with a capacity greater or equal to 50kWe and less than 1MWe. Up to 30% of investment costs can be covered by the grant scheme, with certain maximum costs per kWe depending on capacity. The CHP plant, when operational, must meet minimum efficiency requirements to meet specified energy savings requirements, as outlined in European Union Directive 2004/8/EC.

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