Energy Grants Credit Scheme - Alternative fuels

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 24 October 2012

The energy grants credits scheme (EGCS) for alternative fuels provides a fuel grant for businesses using alternative fuels for road transport. The amount of the grant, set in 2006, reduces over five years to reach zero in 2010.

Grant rates vary depending on the type of fuel. As of 1 July 2009 these were:

- Biodiesel: AUD 3.702 cents per litre

- Ethanol: AUD 4.162 cents per litre

Grants can be claimed for the purchase or import of an alternative fuel into Australia, used in an eligible vehicle for the purpose of carrying out business, eligible travel, and incidental use or other vehicle use integral to business or travel operations.

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