Guangxi Province 1 Million Mu Bio-Fuel Forest Project

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 16 April 2021
On 9 January 2008, the government of Guangxi Province launched the 1 Million Mu Bio-Fuel Forest Project. The plan calls for Guangxi to develop a 1 million Mu (approximately 165 00 acres) jatropha tree forest (also known as small tung oil tree). The forest is to yield over 160 000 MT of biodiesel, worth CNY 640 million. The Guangxi Zhilian Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. And the Guangxi Forestry Science and Technology Institute entered into an agreement, with CNY 500 million to be invested in the development of the jatropha forest, and CNY 200 million in the construction of a biodiesel refinery and production lines for related products. The trees will be planted on lands not suitable for crop cultivation, yielding fruit every 30 years. Every 10 Mu of jatropha trees will yield approximately 3 MTU of seeds with 60% or more oil content, yielding 1 MT of crude oil, or 0.98 MT of biodiesel after refining. Besides Guangxi Province, Sichuan, Yun, Guizhou and Fujian Provinces have begun developing jatropha forests.

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