European Photovoltaic Technology Platform

Last updated: 24 August 2021
The European Photovoltaic Technology Platform was launched on 23 August 2005. The initiative aims to contribute to the development of a world-class and cost-competitive European PV industry, involving stakeholders in the formulation of research programmes, and ensuring close coordination between all relevant actors (industry, research and market). The Platform also seeks to implement the European Strategic Research Agenda for PV for the next decade(s). The Platform comprises a Steering Committee, Secretariat, National Programmes Mirror Group, and 4 working groups. The Policy and Instruments working group conduct research and develops methodologies to identify and address barriers to PV system installation. This includes data collection, surveys, developing fact sheets and a feed-in tariff calculation model. The Market Deployment working group focuses on overcoming market barriers to PV deployment through information provision, targeting key actors as well as the general public. This involves strategies for information procurement and dissemination, recommendations on integrating PV into educational programmes, identifying channels to promote PV and tackling perception problems, and specifically targeting building sector professionals, to encourage PV use as a building component. The Science, Technology and Applications working group aims to establish an R & D framework conducive to supporting the growth of PV. The working group develops a strategic research agenda as an input into the EU seventh framework programme for R & D, and enables large-scale application with a major role for European Stakeholders. The fourth working group is dedicated to Developing Countries. It seeks to develop a long-term strategy aimed at PV use in developing countries, contributing to sustainable development and poverty alleviation through electricity production. The Group undertakes lobbying activities to sustain interest in this area, and supports projects in developing countries, aiming to develop local infrastructures to ensure the feasibility of projects. The European Photovoltaic Technology Platform is supported by the European Commission?s Sixth and Seventh Research Framework Programmes.

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