Modified feed-in tariffs for renewables

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 17 July 2012
Decree Law No. 225.2007 of 31 May 2007, revised the feed-in tariffs established by the previous Decree Law No. 33 A/2005. The Law covers a wide variety of renewable energy sources, and tariffs vary by source and by capacity. Different tariffs are provided for small (below 5 MW) and large (above 5MW) installations. Wind Below 5 MW: EUR 75/MWh; above 5 MW: EUR 74/MWh Hydro Below 5 MW: EUR 77/MWh; between 5 and 10 MW: EUR 75/MWh Photovoltaic Up to 5 kW: EUR 450/MWh 5 kW to 5 MW: EUR 317/MWh Above 5 MW: EUR 310/MWh micro-generation photovoltaic Under 5 kW: EUR 470/MWh Between 5 and 150 kW: EUR 355/MWh Bioenergy Biomass : EUR 104-109/MWh up to 5 MW; EUR 102-107/MWh above 5 MW (depending on source) Biogas from anaerobic digestion of waste biomass: EUR 117/MWh up to 5 MW; EUR115/MWh above 5 MW Landfill gas: EUR 104/MWh up to 5 MW; EUR 102/MWh above 5 MW Municipal Sold Waste (incineration): EUR 54/MWh up to 5 MW; EUR 53/MWh above 5 MW Waste-derived fuel (incineration): EUR 76/MWh up to 5 MW; EUR 74/MWh above 5 MW Wave power Demonstration wave power up to 4 MW: EUR 260/MWh Pre-commercial wave power from 5 MW up to 20 MW: EUR 191/MWh Commercial wave power above 5 MW: EUR 131/MWh for the first 100 MW; EUR 101/MWh for the subsequent 150 MW; EUR 76/MWh thereafter On 13 September 2007, the Portuguese government approved new incentives for the micro-generation of renewable electricity. This refers to electricity produced primarily for personal consumption, with any excess production available for distribution to third parties or the national grid, up to a limit of 150 kW. The revised rules set a micro-generation tariff of EUR 650 per megawatt hour (MW/h) for an initial five-year period, with payment via electricity bills. An electronic registration platform for micro-generation has been established to manage the new incentive programme, and a simplified licensing and registration procedure has been put in place.

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