Feed-in tariffs for renewable energy

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 11 December 2014

Implementing EU Directive 2001/77/EC on electricity production from renewable energy sources, the Slovak government implemented various laws and regulations, including feed-in tariffs for electricity produced from renewable energy sources. The Regulatory Office for Network Industries issues feed-in tariffs rates annually. The latest amendment was issued July 28, 2008 in Decree No. 2/2008, which lay down the scope of price regulation, the scope and structure of eligible costs, a method of determining reasonal profit and background documents for price proposals. The price of electricity produced from renewable sources is a fixed price in Euros per MWh during the first 12 years of a plants operation. The prices for 2009 are as follows (intervals indicate lowest and highest price, which depend on the year when the plant started to operate. For biomass and biogas the prices differ based on the way they were produced) : Hydro under 1MW: 2500-4000 SKK/MWh; 84-134 EUR/MWh Hydro 1-5 MW: 2250-3600 SKK /MWh; 75-120 EUR/MWh Solar PV: 12000-13500 SKK/MWh; 400-450 EUR/MWh Wind: 2550-3060 SKK/MWh; 85-102 EUR/MWh Geothermal: 5900 SKK/MWh; 197 EUR/MWh Biomass combustion: 3200-3900 SKK/MWh; 107-130 EUR/MWh Biomass co-firing with fossil fuels: 3100-4000 SKK/MWh; 104-134 EUR/MWh Biogas combustion: 3100-5350 SKK/MWh; 104-179 EUR/MWh

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