Think Climate - Financial aid programme for energy savings and renewable energy in housing

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 2 April 2012
Since 1 January 2008, the Ministry of Environment established a new financial incentive programme to encourage investments in high efficiency housing, energy-efficient refurbishment of existing housing, the installation of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient equipment, as well as energy performance evaluation and advice services (required for undertaking refurbishment). The incentives take the form of grants, up to a maximum amount.These include subsidies for various renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal and solarphotovoltaic systems (30-50% of the cost up to a specific maximum amount), geothermal heat (40-50%), and biomass heaters (25-30%).Condesing boilers are also subsidised between EUR 80 and EUR 600.In addition, micro cogeneration fueled by renewable energy sources is subsidised up to 25%, while connection to a heating source fueled 75% by renewable energy sources is subsidised EUR 15/kW or EUR 50/kW (up to a maximum amount of kW) depending on the type of housing.Energy consultation for the construction of low-energy and passive houses, and for energy-efficient refurbishment, are subsidised up to EUR 50/hour.

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