Red Certificate System

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 2 April 2012
Since of the implementation of the CHP Directive (2004/8/EC) in Polands legal system the Polish Energy Law has been amended and the Minister of Economy has issued order on the methods of calculating data to be provided in the application for the issue of a certificate of origin from cogeneration and the detailed scope of the obligation to obtain and present these certificates for redemption, to pay a substitute fee and to confirm the data on the amount of electricity produced from high efficiency cogeneration.These acts guarantee the origins of electricity produced by high efficiency cogeneration. Since 1 July 2007, these acts have obliged companies which supply electricity to end users to obtain certificates of origin of electricity produced by high efficiency cogeneration. Failure to obtain aforementioned certificates results in a substitute payment being levied on the electricity suppliers. Certificates could be traded on the stock exchange or simil ar entity. The value of the substitute payment unit is set by the Energy Regulatory Office. The substitute fee base on the difference between the average market price of electricity and the costs of production in high efficiency cogeneration plants.This support scheme will be in force to the end of 2012.