National Electricity Policy

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 12 May 2021
Put forth February 12th, 2005 and in compliance with section 3 fo the Electricity Act 2003. Its main objectives include:Access to Electricity - Available for all households in next five yearsAvailability of Power - Demand to be fully met by 2012. Energy and peaking shortages to be overcome and adequate spinning reserve to be available.Supply of Reliable and Quality Power of specified standards in an efficient manner and at reasonable rates.Per capita availability of electricity to be increased to over 1000 units by 2012.Minimum lifeline consumption of 1 unit/household/day as a merit good by year 2012.Ficial Turnaround and Commercial Viability of Electricity Sector.Protection of consumers’ interests.The issues address include:Rural ElectrificationGenerationTransmissionDistributionRecovery of Cost of services & Targetted Subsidies.Technology Development and Research and Development (R & D)Competition aimed at Consumer BenefitsFicing Power Sector Programmes Including Private Sector Participation.Energy ConservationEnvironmental IssuesTraining and Human Resource DevelopmentCogeneration and Non-Conventional Energy SourcesProtection of Consumer interests and Quality Standards

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