Pilot Bioheat Boiler Deployment Programme

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 14 March 2013

The "Pilot Bioheat Boiler Deployment Programme" is a sub-programme of measured support under the Renewable Energy RD&D Programme that stimulates the biomass heat market. The Programme is aimed at accelerating the uptake of biomass boilers for space heating in Ireland by providing capital grant support for the installation of a number of biomass boilers, for large buildings and small industrial sites, around the country. The programme will support qualifying boiler systems typically rated between 60kW and 1,000kW that are fuelled by wood pellets and/or wood chip fuel. It is proposed to offer support of 25% of the capital costs involved in biomass boiler and fuel storage purchase and installation. To stimulate interest and to help ensure good quality projects it is also proposed to support feasibility studies by suitably qualified contractors at 45% of the external costs, up to a maximum of EUR 5000 in each case. This support will be made available for a limited period only, and not after 2006. The total fund available for feasibilitity study grant support is EUR 50,000. The following suggested range of investment costs are provided as a guide to applicants and are intended as general guidelines only. For qualifying boilers rated at 60kW, the investment cost is estimated to be up to EUR 500/kW, including fuel storage. For qualifying boilers rated at 1000kW, the investment cost is expected to be up to EUR 250/kW, including fuel storage. For qualifying boilers between these sizes a linear interpolation will be used to assess investment cost.

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