Marine Research Development Fund (MRDF)

Last updated: 24 August 2021
To fund the research and deployment of large-scale wave and tidal power generation, the UK government has in place a GBP 50m Marine Renewables Deployment Fund (MRDF) that will support the continued development of wave and tidal stream technologies.The MRDF provides a package of measures central to which is a GBP 42m "Wave and Tidal Stream Energy Demonstration Scheme". This provides capital grants and revenue support to multi-device early stage commercial generation facilities using technologies that have completed their R & D and are ready to move into a commercial environment.The MRDF also provides GBP 8m to support Infrastructure Projects and Environmental Research. The performance of devices supported by the scheme are monitored; the Department of Trade and Industry having published two protocols, one for wave and one for tidal current, for measuring the energy input and output of devices.

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