Decree on Notification on the Origin of Electricity

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 10 July 2012
Following 2003s Act on Verification and Notification of Origin of Electricity (1129/2003), the Finnish governments decree on Notification of Origin of Electricity requires electricity vendors to notify consumers of the energy sources used to produce electricity. As mentioned in either electricity bills or promotional material, sources will be specified with the minimum accuracy of: - fossil energy sources and peat - renewable energy sources - nuclear power. Electricity vendors must also publicize the GHG emissions and radioactive waste produced in power generation, specifying: - carbon dioxide emissions in grams/kilowatt hour - volume of spent nuclear fuel in relation to the total volume of electricity sold in milligrams/kilowatt hour The notification of specific carbon dioxide emissions will also list the emission factors used to calculate emissions, specific to energy source and production method, including emissions from CHP. Information on the volume of spent nuclear fuel may follow either the electricity acquisitions of the electricity vendor or the statistics of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. As the system is based on implementation of the European Unions RES-E directive (2001/77/EC) and Electricity Market directive (2003/54/EC), it will be modified following a new RES-E directive.

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