Regulation on Domestic Solar Water - Heaters

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 23 January 2020

In accordance with Planning and Buildings Regulation 5730-1970, System Article 9 requires the installation of a solar water-heating system for all new buildings. Specific provisions are made with regards to daily heat output of collectors, heat transfer capability, storage tanks and collectors, and backup systems. Provisions differ according to type of building, if the building is to be used as a hotel, educational institution or other such similar purposes or if the building is to be used for residential purposes.

All solar installations are expected to comply with Israels Standard no. 579, with the exception of the clause 3.9 in part 4 of the said Standard. This exemption applies to buildings that are built in the shade where it will be impossible to use solar energy significantly and buildings that are built for industry, work or hospital purposes and high-rise buildings.


The law stipulates the installation of a solar water heating system for new residential buildings up to a height of 27 m. This law was extended in September 2012 and now also applies to buildings above 27 m, stipulating the installation of solar water heaters for the first seven floors under the roof.

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